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Official Rules IDC

Message  Admin 3 le Mar 26 Nov - 13:10

As you know, the change it is NOW! The IDC thus possesses its own rules and in every annual competition, these can evolved.
• Introduction :

The admins of the competition (red) is the master and save themselves the possibility of modifying
the rules if an unforeseen situation came to appear before or during the competition.
The respect for admins and for players is rigorous, the failure to respect this rule will be motive for one
exclusion of the competition of the player or the team in cause.

• Registrations :

Beginning of the registrations :   On December 14th 2013
Fin des inscriptions :  On January 12th 2014

We accept 32 teams with 1 Line Up by team and not one more ; however according to the registrations :
– If on January 12th, more different 32 LU1 of team registered, one take the first 32 registered teams.
– If on January 12th, 22 LU1 of the registered different teams, 10 LU2 can contribute (If more LU2 want to join the competition, it will be made by drawing lots)
– If on January 12th, 12 LU1 and 12 LU2 for example, we accept 8LU3 but by drawing lots in case of more than 8 LU3.

By Line Up, will be needed minimum 5 players without maximum number.

• Qualifications :

Here is a big change, NO QUALIFICATION!
Everything will be made by drawing lots and live on January 19th on Drakonia TV.
The evening of the draw, we ask at least one representative from each team to draw.

Teams will have to respect the order of the matches of this calendar on the rhythm of a match a week.
The evening of the draw, we ask at least one representative from each team to draw.

• Maps packs :

The pack map will be available on the download on Fridays evenings for organization of
Match in the next 9 days (max on Sunday evening).

• Organization of the matches :

If you do not find compromise for date, the match will take place Sunday evening at 9:00 PM. In case of absence of negotiation or contacting before Saturday midnight, failed for the team not having answered.
The contacting and the negotiation will have to be necessarily made on the forum IDC, it will allow us to organize the TV broadcasts.
Then during the drawing lots, we shall group 8 pools of 4 Line Up therefore 3 weeks of group matches (Look at the board down)

• Progress of a match :

All the matches will be made 5vs5.
At the end of the match, the teams will have to register the result (screens of maps will be enough, or both captains of the teams confirm) on the forum IDC.
Every map will be made in 5 winning points, the match will be won by the addition of points three maps.
Victory : 3 points
Defeat : 0 points
Draw : 1 point

If at the end of group matches, an equality between teams 2 arises, the goal average will decide between them. In case of total equality, a play-off game will be made during the mercato.
At the end the matches of pools, 2 first ones Line Up will go to elite board and 2 last ones in funny board.

• Direct eliminations :

We shall begin directly by 8th of finale.
The first one of the pool A meeting the 2nd of the pool B
The second of the pool A meets the 1st of the pool A.
And so on...
Quarterfinal, then ½ finale

The finales will happen exclusively on Sundays evenings at 9:00 PM on UNKNOWN maps (2 Warm-up every beginning of map)
Match of the 3rd place will happen exclusively on Saturdays evenings at 9 pm on the same principle.
Elite and Funny, the same majorities

• Calendar :

Week 1 : on Sunday, January 19th, Drawing lots of pools
Week 2 : from January 27th till February 2nd, Day 1
Week 3 : from February 3th till February 9th , Day 2
Week 4 : from February 10th till February 16th , Day 3
Mercato : from February 17th till February 23th (Day of play-off game)
8th of finale : from February 24th till March 2nd
Quarterfinals : from March 3rd till March 9th
Semi-finals : from March 10th till March 16th
Matches of the 3rd place : Saturday March 22th at 9:00 PM
Finales : Sunday March 23th at 9:00 PM

• Mercato :

Ban to recruit a player in one Line Up having participated in group matches whatever his Line Up or his Team.

• Absence :

If a team appears with an insufficient number of players, this one can make the match in inferiority if the opposite team agrees.
For the failed of a team this one will mark 0 and a run average of -8, the other team will win
3 points of the victory and a run average of +8.

• Lateness :

The organizers accept until 15 min of delay, exceeding this deadline, the team will be failed for this match.

• Referees :

The referees watch the fair-play during the matches and the good progress of these.
A message on the forum will inform you about the referee IDC who will be present in the match, if it is not the case, it will be the referees of teams.

• Disconnections :

Before the run: the run will be begun again, every player will have to abandon and in case of non-abandonment the referee who will be present will stop the round.
During the run: the run ends in the state and we wait 5min that the player re-connects. After 5
min of wait, the replacement can play. If there is no replacement of available, the match continues without the player who disconnected.
In case of multiple disconnections of the same player: the player has the right in 3 disconnections at the end of the 4th the captain or the co-captain will have to choose the replacement and if it no replacement, the match will continued. There will not be more than deadlines of wait for this player there.
If he come back in the team in the following map and got a 5th disconnection before or during the run, the run ends and the player must be replaced directly and definitively.

• Mistake :

If a player abandons before the start because of a mistake, the run will have to be begun again.
The referee will stop the round. The referees will be very attentive to it so that it is just.

• Cheats :

If player cut during the match, all the team will be disqualified.

• Registrations :

For the registrations thank you for going on the site of the IDC, on this address :
The captain will have to report the rules to his team, he will take the responsibility of his team as for the respect of the rules. The captain will have to write: " Read and accepted the rules" to be able to begin the competition.

Registration of the LU1, LU2 and LU3 at the latest on Janurary 1st 2014, the official list of the reserved participants will be indicated on the forum IDC at the latest on Friday January 17th, 2014.

Admins can change the IDC decisions penalties conclusive evidence

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